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Book Launch – The Rapturous Moon Sat October 20, 2018

This coming Saturday 27th October at 6.30 pm  we’re delighted to host the launch of The Rapturous Moon by Tara Tine. A follow up to last years Flight of Fire, the second instalment sees us return to the enchanted village of Carlin for…. well, why don’t I let Tara tell you herself ……

‘Flight of Fire’ was the first instalment of the Minorie Raine: Trials & Tribulations Series, Ireland’s most recent and most concentrated offering to the Magic Realist genre. It explores themes of nature, belonging, resistance and feminine power. Set in the autumn-clad village of Carlinn, ‘Flight of Fire’ explores both our heroine’s adolescent needs for romance and devilment, and her more mature longings for roots and security as she searches for a place to settle and find friendship.

In the Rapturous Moon, Minorie Raine returns for the second instalment of the Trials Tribulations Series. After spending the winter living with her friend, Blaise, and Na-nan, the swamp witch, an invitation to live and work at the decadent Darby House draws Minorie once again into the unknown.

She finds out that living with Lady Anna Marmaduke and her housemates does indeed bring pleasure; but as it nurtures and feeds her soul, so too does it attract even darker and more powerful shadows to her, like moths to her flame. Her crush on the swarthy but married Pierre opens up unwelcome channels to her energies, channels which are being used and abused by Carlinn’s darkest wizard, Nicholas Crowther, and his arsenal of servile demons.

To add insult to injury, Minorie finds out that her estranged friend Omelia has been complicit in assisting Crowther’s bidding in return for garnering dark knowledge of her own, and worse, she has been responsible for the deaths of two of Carlinn’s residents.

Will the wedge between Minorie and her friends grow too deep to fix? Can Omelia be able to redeem herself and reshape her own destiny? Can Minorie overcome her growing isolation to defeat Crowther, and the demons which threaten her sanity….?”

Only one way to find out folks. Make your way down to Roe River Books this Bank Holiday Weekend and meet Tara herself. As well as a chance to meet Tara you’ll be entertained by the fabulous Ines Khai, who be providing us with some soulful creole sounds

The Corridor no. 5: Publication Launch with Paul Scraton October 12, 2018
The Corridor no. 5: Publication Launch with Paul Scraton
Roe River Books are delighted to host the Corridor on Friday, October 19th.
The Corridor is an interdisciplinary, discursive project that explores the topic of borders and their political, social and cultural consequences through public talks, screenings and artistic presentations. With artists from all fields, historians, sociologists, contemporary witnesses and other experts we as outsiders want to discuss the history of the Irish border and the future challenges of the upcoming EU border for this area
They will be officially launching their first publication, a small magazine (on sale at a very competitively priced at €5) that contains a look back on last year’s events with exclusive images, an outlook to the future of the Corridor and new essays and stories by Garett Carr, Evelyn Conlon, Marcel Krueger and Paul Scraton
We are delighted to welcome Berlin-based writer Paul Scraton to Dundalk to launch the publication. Paul is a British-born writer and editor who has lived in the German capital for over a decade, and has written extensively about places, borders and European identities. His latest book ‘Ghosts on the Shore: Journeys along Germany’s Baltic Coast‘ (Influx Press, 2017) explores the German coast and the GDR history of his wife’s family through a partially fictionalized travelogue. 
On the launch night, Paul and Marcel Krueger will read from the the new Corridor publication, Paul with introduce ‘Ghosts on the Shore‘ and discuss the old borders of Louth and Berlin (discussing Brexit from the perspective of a British citizen living in Germany) with Roe River Book’s Tom Muckian and Anne Mager, independent curator and co-initiator of the Corridor
19th October, 2018 at Roe River Books Dundalk, 66/67 Park Street, Dundalk. from 7 pm, free admission. 
Book of the Month October 7, 2018

As part of our new regime here at Roe River Books we’re launching an on-line Book Club.

The idea is we pick a book, usually a new release, although we’re not adverse to selecting a classic or two once we get up an running. We’ll be reading the book ourselves and providing a bit of background on the book and the author. The selected title will be on special offer in the the shop and at the end of the month we’ll post our review. We’ll also be happy to receive reviews from any of our customers and readers which we’ll also post to the website. It needn’t be a full review or incredibly in depth. Just let us know if you like it or not and why.

Our first choice for Roe River Book of the Month is Sally Rooney’s, Normal People. It was longlisted for the Man Booker, though sadly didn’t make the final shortlist. It follows the, on again, off again relationship between Connell and Marianne, two young lovers from Carricklea in the west of Ireland and follows their relationship through the turbulent highs and painful lows as they finish school and relocate to Dublin. It follows on from Rooney’s highly successful debut Conversations With Friend and was hugely anticipated on it’s release in August this year.

If you’ve read it already, let us know what you thought of it? If you haven’t got around to it yet pick it up at Roe River Books. Mention the on-line book club when buying it and get 25% off. Offer is open till 31st October.

We’re also delighted to say that we’ll have a special guest reviewer giving us their opinion on the book at the end of the month, in the first of what we hope to be a regular feature.

New Opening Hour(s) October 7, 2018

Eagle eyed customers may have noticed that since we’ve opened the doors on our new premises at 66 Park Street, the shop has been sporting a snazzy new Coffee machine. We’re delighted to announce that from Monday of this week we’ll be opening the shop at the earlier time of 8.00 am. Why not pop in if you’re passing on the way to work, and say hi, and get the day off to a great start with a coffee to go?

Banned Books Week September 24, 2018

In an age of Fake News, Fakebook (sorry Facebook) and wholesale media manipulation, books are more important than ever. Note the outrage of a certain American politician whenever a book is published by one of his former staff members or political commentators. We need books now more than ever. And more than ever we need for those books to be read, not banned. The fact that books get banned tells us all we need to know about how important they are, and how powerful words and books can be. Look to the classics section of any bookshop or library and its shelves will be filled with “banned books”.

Banned Books Week 2018, the annual celebration of the freedom to read, is being held September 23 – 29. The 2018 theme, “Banning Books Silences Stories,” is a reminder that everyone needs to speak out against the tide of censorship.

To mark the occasion we’re delighted to welcome German born, Dundalk resident and author Marcel Krueger to give his Teutonic take on the classic All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque.

Banned Books Week: All Quiet on the Western Front, by Erich Maria Remarque

We’re Moving…. May 21, 2018

After almost 10 years at No. 77 Park Street, Roe River Books is moving to a bright shiny new premises at No. 66/67 Park Street (next door to Mackin’s Leathergoods). It would be emotional if it weren’t so hectic. We will unfortunately have to close for a week or so, to facilitate the move. We will be closed for business from from Tuesday 15th May until we re-open on Wednesday 23rd May.

We apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused and if anyone is in urgent need of our service you can contact us by e-mail ([email protected]) or Facebook, and we’ll do our best to facilitate you. Thanks to everyone for the terrific support and loyalty over the last 10 years it was greatly appreciated. Keep an eye on the Facebook page for updates on our new venture and here’s hoping we’ll see you all in the new premises!

Michael Harding February 3, 2017

We are delighted to announce that we will be partnering with those lovely people at An Tain for the upcoming evening in the company of Michael Harding on Friday the 17th February. Michael is an actor, playwright and novelist who will be showcasing his latest (non fiction) book with his one man show “Talking with Strangers”. Michael’s previous work includes Hanging With the Elephant and the bestselling Staring at Lakes. We will be selling copies of his books and the man himself will be signing copies after the show. Its sure to be a really entertaining evening and tickets are selling fast. Make sure not to miss this event if you are a fan or new to his work. Tickets on sale now. 

Talking to Strangers – One Man Show with Michael Harding at An Tain Arts Center, Friday 17th February 2017 at 8.00 pm Tickets €18/€16

Book Launch – Under a Watchful Eye by Adam Nevill January 11, 2017

Anyone intrigued by our recent review for the excellent new horror novel by Adam Nevill might be interested in tuning in to the Facebook Launch this coming Thursday What is a Facebook Launch? I hear you ask. Well… I have no idea really. I’ve never “attended” one before. I will however be logging on to see what its all about and if you like book launches, horror novels, Adam Nevill or all three, so should you. It sound like great fun


Girl in the Spider’s Web August 27, 2015

Out today Girl in the Spider’s Web part four of the Millennium Series featuring Lisbeth Salander. Stieg Larsson died  2004 before his books became a global phenomenon. After his death it was discovered that Larsson had left about three quarters of a fourth novel on a notebook computer. After years of legal wrangling the fourth novel has now been completed by David Lagercrantz and is released today.  We’re not usually a fan of this sort of thing at Roe River Books, but this should be different. Lagercrantz did a fine job on his biography of Zlatan Ibrahivomic and his own novel Fall of Man in Wilmslow was a terrific crime novel based on the events surrounding the death of Alan Turing.

Definitely one on our list of must read books of the year.

Undermajordomo Minor by Patrick deWitt August 20, 2015

They say you should never judge a book by it’s cover and that’s probably good advice but every now and then a cover just demands your attention. Undermajordomo Minor the forthcoming title by Patrick deWitt has really got us excited here at Roe River Books. His last novel The Sisters Brothers (possessor of a fine cover itself) was a splendid quirky alternative take on the western novel. Anyone who has read his previous work will know that there is every chance his new book will more than do justice to this fine cover. It also come with this very entertaining trailer with music by Patrick’s brother Nick DeWitt

Undermajordomo Minor is out in paperback on September 3